Arcade Open Season
The arcade is now open for all! no need to log in or register! Feel free to play!

You will still need to be logged in to save your scores however!

Have Fun
League Scoring & Table updated...
The way the league is scored has changed! The new system should give a more accurate reflection of player merit! The league table has also been updated to reflect the game scoreboard! Hopefully these changes should make the scoring and table more 'intuitive' and players should be able to see where points come from a lot easier! The League page is now viewable by all members!

As usual any problems or issues with the scoring system please post in forum or drop me a pm!

1st League Draw
The first league draw is now available! Please log in and watch it to see what team you're in, who your team mates will be, what maps we are playing and what the era's are for this match! The draw is viewable from the League page or in a larger size through the Draw history page!

Thanks to Dunkan, Leeham and Bex for helping make this!


New Arcade Games Added
About 20 new arcade games have been added!

Not all the games have been sorted in to correct category, please PM me if you play and game that you think should be in a different category!


League page made visible

The league page has been made visible to the friends and family userclass (that means it can only be viewed by certain people, you guessed it...friends and family)!

The first draw will be posted on Thursday 9th of October. Please see forum for more details on how to sign up!

New Games Added
Hi all,

A pile of new games have been added to the arcade! Go set some new high scores!

more games coming soon!

I have noticed a problem with one of the games and it has been removed, please report all broken games, thanks!

Rules, scoring and draw information added!
For everyone taking part in the fun league please visit the 'This Is War' section of forum for all (or at leased most) of the information on the league.

Any issues with anything in the section please send me a PM!


Welcome to 'thisiswar'!

Thisiswar was originally created to give close friends a place to get together...and play Star Wars Battlefront. This idea led to the creation of a friends and family league where teams are picked at random and matches are scored reflecting how well the individual did, not just the team! To add some fun to the league the draws to decide the teams, map and era are filmed and uploaded for all participants to view! To find out what team you're in, and where you will be fighting, all you do is watch the draw!

Thanks and enjoy your time at 'thiswar'!


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