Top Arcade players for 2009!

Here's the top arcade players for 2009! Congrats if you made the list!

1st - Dresh - 17 wins
2nd - Bex - 11 wins
3rd - Leeham - 9 wins
3rd - Crazyhorse - 9 wins

Congratulation to the players in the top 3 spots! Here's the rest:

Zorba1994 - 7 wins
Jon415 - 5 wins
Rhino - 4 wins
the_pi - 4 wins
Darth Verik - 4 wins
Julia - 4 wins
MacGenius - 3 wins
codythedecoder2 - 2 wins
McShane - 2 wins
Starbright - 2 wins
breakdown - 1 wins

All scores have been reset and we should have new games added soon! Good luck and have fun setting new high scores!

Server Upgrade
The web space 04/01/2010 be upgraded from PHP 5.2
to PHP 5.3. PHP 5.3 is the latest and most stable version. This version
also has improved performance compared to PHP 5.2.

If you experience any problems with the site during the 4th please try again later.
If you are still having problems after the 4th please contact:

Roadkill Event
Website Focus
The time has come to change the focus of the website! ThisisWar will be changing to cover Combat Arms, a free to play first person shooter!

What is Combat Arms?

Combat Arms is entirely a multiplayer game with no single-player mode, and contains 7 game modes, including the classic and popular One Man Army (free-for-all deathmatch) and the more team-based Fireteam (cooperative storyline-based mode), and as of now consists of 17 maps, from the large cold mountains of Snow Valley to the cramped, abandoned laboratory of Operation: Death Room. Players are able to obtain in-game money known as Gear Points (GP) and experience (EXP) after a match, allowing them to rank up and buy new weapons and equipment, such as armor, uniforms, and backpacks for their persistent characters.

The game also runs on low spec pc's (details to follow in forum)!

For more information and to download the game please visit the Combat Arms website at:

(there is a US version too if someone across the pond wants to head up a US division)

Changes will take place over the next few weeks. These changes won't mean we will be dropping any of the other stuff (although the Sunday League will change), just adding to the site! Although the main focus will be changed the original themes will still be available via the 'Select Theme' menu on the main page!

Sunday League Server
The Sunday League Server is back up and running!

For all the league players the password will remain unchanged for league matches!

TiW Sunday League News

There have been a few changes to the scoring and map pool for the Sunday league. Please visit the appropriate sections in the forum and check out the changes.

The start time has also been pushed back to 9pm and the sign up thread for the first match has also been posted!

Summer Season League Results!
The Summer season is now officially ended! The league table has been divided pretty much all season with a distinct gap between 1st/2nd place and 3rd/4th place! The difference between the scores for both camps was was close right up to the end!

TiW - Sunday League

1st - Destroyer - 61pts (61.3)
2nd - Dresh - 60pts (59.71)
3rd - Bex - 44pts (43.5)

Congratulation to the top 3 players!

4th - Crazyhorse - 43pts (42.71)
5th - GTSudge - 20pts (19.5)
6th - Leeham - 0pts (0)

Dresh closed the gap, just missing the top spot and Bex squeezed into 3rd place at the last minute pushing Crazy down into the 4th spot!

(The scores in the brackets are the actual averages before being rounded)

Full scores are currently available on the league table but will be moved to the League Table Archive thread in the forum (under the This is War heading in the League section) when the new season starts!


We now have our permanent TeamSpeak server back for members to use courtesy of! We all have no excuse now not to have TeamSpeak installed for the Sunday matches. It is ours to use whenever and for what ever purpose we want,
not just for league matches!

All you need to do is log in so you can see the TeamSpeak menu and click on the button in the menu to connect! For more details read:

If you are familiar with TeamSpeak you can find the IP etc by clicking the button in the TeamSpeak menu! If you do not have TeamSpeak installed it is available in the downloads section.

More downloads are now available. The ESL pack has been split up and the downloads are now available individually. More will be added soon!

For all the Sunday League players the maps you will be needing to install are:

Kashyyyk: Wookieland
The Maze
Duel Arena
Utapua: Sinkhole
Mygeeto: War Torn City
Mustafar: Refinery

More maps may be added but everyone will updated via the forum! If there are any maps you wish to see in the downloads section please log in and PM Dresh or admin┬ę admin.
End of Season League Results
The end of the spring season has came and went and all there is left to do is offer a big congratulations to the top players in the leagues.

TiW - Sunday League

1st - Dresh - 63pts
2nd - Destroyer - 50pts
3rd - Bex - 46pts

Mac-PC Gamers Battlefront League

1st - Tomaszl - 45pts
2nd - The_Pi - 27pts
3rd - Breakdown - 26pts

Full scores are currently available on the league table but will be moved to the League Table Archive thread in the forum (under the This is War heading in the League section) when the new season starts!

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