Modern Warfare 3: First Day Sales 'Largest In History'
Activision has said that the first-day shipments for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 are the largest in the history of gaming.

Sales figures for the latest game in the Call of Duty series, which was released worldwide yesterday, have yet to be announced, but what statistics are known all point towards the game being the biggest release of all time.

Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg told Seeking Alpha: "The record number of pre-orders from Modern Warfare 3 drove the largest day-one shipments in our history, and in the industry's history."

Hirshberg added that more than 1.5 million people queued at 13,000 shops at midnight to buy Modern Warfare 3, "making it the largest retail release in Activision's history and in the industry's history."

He also noted that sales of Call of Duty Elite have also picked up in the wake of Modern Warfare 3's release, saying: "We've already had an incredible response to Call of Duty: Elite from the moment it went live.

"Player registration requests for our new live services have exceeded even our most optimistic expectations, which have created some bottlenecks in the registration process."

He added: "We've already registered over 1 million players, and we've been working round-the-clock to increase registration capacity as quickly as possible.

"Keep in mind these issues have no impact on players' ability to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3."

Modern Warfare 3 is available on XBox 360, PS3 and PC.
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Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand - Gameplay Premiere Trailer
Call of Duty Elite out now on Xbox Live
Call of Duty Elite has hit Xbox Live ahead of Modern Warfare 3's midnight launch.

An annual membership to the premium Elite service will cost £34.99/$49.99, a price which includes access to all Modern Warfare 3 DLC.

The free tier of the service will offer users access to stats, class customisation options, community features, HD video sharing, and dedicated apps for Xbox 360, PS3, iPhone, iPad and Android.

The Xbox 360 download weighs in at 99.36 MB.
Modern Warfare 3: The Vet & The n00b
Battlefield 3 is fastest selling EA game
Shifts 5 million copies in its first week, a new high for the company...

EA has announced that Battlefield 3 is off to a sprint start, becoming the company’s fastest selling game ever.

Based on the firm’s own internal estimates, the game has exceeded five million sales in its debut week.

According to Chart Track figures, it had the ninth best debut week of any video game in the UK in terms of revenue, tenth in terms of units shifted. It also outsold all the other titles in the Battlefield franchise initial week of sales combined.

Despite that, the launch didn’t go entirely without hiccups. EA noted that “unprecedented numbers” had flocked to the online battlefield, but some have had problems.

In a statement, EA asserted: “Server stability was solid in the first weekend, delivering EA’s highest-ever usage rates. While some players experienced intermittent disruption of online services due to high volume, internal estimates show that servers and service uptime stabilized to roughly 98.9% throughout the weekend, ensuring that players were connected and enjoying the game.”

However, it would seem that Xbox players are still suffering the most due to online issues. The Xbox server stability has improved though, but not to the extent of the PC and PS3, just cresting over the 95% mark.

That’s still one in twenty unhappy punters, of course.

EA is naturally promising a swift resolution: “With a commitment to support the game as a software service, EA is listening to consumer feedback and is making daily updates and improvements to ensure an optimal online experience for all.”

Despite the excellent sales figures, they’re bound to be outdone by Modern Warfare 3 when it launches next week.

It will also be interesting to see how many people took up the offer to grab a copy of Battlefield 3 and then trade it for MW3.
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Back to Karkland - New screens
EA has released some new screens for Battlefield 3: Back to Karkland.

Due December, the Back to Karkland expansion pack will offer four classic Battlefield maps - Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Wake Island & Sharqi Peninsula.

In addition, Back to Karkland will offer five new dog tags, five fresh achievements/trophies, three new vehicles (desert patrol vehicle, BTR-90 armoured personnel carrier, F-35B STOVL jet fighter), ten iconic Battlefield weapons and a new persistence system where players complete assignments to earn rewards.
Modern Warfare 3 stolen, pirated
Pirated copies of Modern Warfare 3 are reportedly spreading across the States, ahead of the game's November 8 release.

An employee at a shipping warehouse in California reportedly stole disc two of the PC retail version before leaking it online, according to VentureBeat, which adds security may have been too tight for the thief to steal the other disc.

Activision is apparently chasing down those found to be playing the game, turning up at their doors and asking them to delete pirated copies or face a $5,000 fine and potential permanent online ban.

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Modern Warfare 3 - Multiplayer Weapon Progression
MW2 and Black Ops Double XP this weekend
Activision is kicking off a massive Double XP weekend this weekend for both Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops.

It's a good way to send off your old favorites before Modern Warfare 3 launches in two weeks time, but there's another point to all this.

As Activision explains: "Every time you prestige in MW3, you'll receive a prestige token. Use it to unlock rewards like double XP for a limited time, an extra custom class, or choose one piece of gear from your custom class to keep unlocked from rank 1 of future prestiges."

As a bonus, everyone who's prestiged in MW1 and 2, World at War and Black Ops will get bonus tokens instantly at launch, allowing them to start unlocking stuff instantly ahead of everyone else.

So if you're not already knee-deep in Battlefield 3, this weekend's double XP run is your best chance to earn some extra prestige tokens for MW3.

Here's a new video of Infinity Ward man Robert Bowling going into more detail on MW3's prestige token system.

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BF3 Xbox install makes HUGE difference to textures
Battlefield 3's executive producer, Patrick Bach, said himself that playing Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360 without performing the optional install is like playing "a standard-def" version of the game. That was no exaggeration.

Click to view larger image
While the PS3 version forces an install, the Xbox 360 version had to be optional because of the availability of 360s without hard drives - DICE couldn't count them out of the fun.

But playing the game without installing the high-res texture pack results in some glaringly blurry visuals compared to installed textures, and the below video compares the two.

Take it from us; go get a hard drive. Now.

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